Welcome to a world of knobs, wires and blinking diode circuits. Welcome to Simon Littauer’s self-built, hand-made electronic music. He composes and plays live on a modular synthesizer. It’s an instrument without keys; he constructs his own synth sounds without presets.

Littauer is a man believing in the strength of improvisation. He’s a fan of live production away from computers. That means no backing tracks. He works his synthesizer and creates an improvised techno concert, and the aim is to make you dance. Like a DJ he builds up a vibe. Only difference is that he constructs his own sounds 100 % on the spot.

Well known within the music scene in Denmark, Simon has worked in the studio producing for endless Danish acts and has performed live with the likes of MØ, Kwamie Liv, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Reptile Youth among others.

9.11. 22:00

Mejeriet, Løngang 2, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark

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