NV is a solo project of Kate Shilonosova, Moscow-based producer, songstress, composer, designer, co-author and front girl of moscow new wave-post punk band “ГШ”. RBMA 2014 and Onebeat 2015 alumni, moscow scratch orchestra member.

Her solo project, NV, mines the far corners of Japanese new wave, bubble gum, and blissed-out electronica to form master-crafted experimental pop gems.
Kate NV draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, from japanese pop from 80’s to concrete music and contemporary classic.
Through her free-form compositional skills, the listener can see the multi layered and eclectic soundscapes. Kate NV paints a sonic sound arrangement with every track she lays down. Her album Binasu (Orange Milk Records/ MIND records/2016, PLANCHA) is a revelatory reflection of her perception of the world and her inner state of mind.
Her last album was released in June 2018 on NYC based record label RVNG intl.

Foto: Jenia_Filatova
Foto: Kate NV

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9.11. 19:00

Mejeriet, Løngang 2, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark

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